The changing world of cybersecurity: expected trends in the world of cyber for 2022

The year is almost over – reason enough for us to take a look at what’s ahead. This is the first in a series of predictions from cybersecurity experts of what we can expect in 2022. But beware: Predictions are difficult, especially about the future!


Computer Security Day: Technology, Training and Trust

Computer Security Day comes around every 30th November as a reminder for enterprises to make security a strategic priority. With this in mind, we spoke to nine technology industry experts about the importance of taking cybersecurity seriously and the best methods in defending your organisation against cyber attacks.


Bag a bargain safely this Black Friday weekend

Black Friday has exploded worldwide over the past couple of years. With all these shoppers online, Black Friday is like an ‘Early Christmas’ for cyber criminals. We spoke to industry experts about the steps organisations can take to enjoy a successful and trouble-free Black Friday.


Mozilla wants to show you where “Privacy is Not Included”

e interviewed Jen Caltrider of the Mozilla Foundation about the fifth annual Privacy Not Included list the foundation publishes annually and if you are thinking of buying some electronics as gifts or for yourself, you might think about referring to the list. Let us know if you ever consider privacy features when you are gift shopping.


Quantum computing is not really here, yet. But companies are getting ready for it

Quantum computing is one of those technologies that causes hyperbole, confusion, and concern. A lot of the discussion is not much more than wishful thinking or uninformed fear. For most people, it will not affect them in their lifetime. That’s not to say it isn’t something to completely ignore.

We talked to Alan Grau, VP of business development for the startup company PQShield in this week’s episode of Crucial Tech to get an overview of where we are in quantum security and what their company has to offer.

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