Offensify rebranded its website & logo to offer better service

Cybersecurity products & services are available on the Offensify marketplace.

Offensify, the first international cybersecurity marketplace with a “Add to Cart” set-up, has been rebranded alongside its website and logo. Offensify is currently a simple-to-use and easy-to-access platform with 24/7 technical support. Customers seeking cybersecurity solutions will be able to purchase cybersecurity products and services online easily.

Offensify marketplace has been live since 2020 and has already reached more than 20 countries in ten different sectors, to name a few, such as energy, finance, defence, etc. With the pandemic shaping users’ preferences, remote and smooth access to cybersecurity solutions became inevitable. Offensify also holds relevant and required quality certificates to maintain a secure online environment for its customers, like SSL, McAfee, etc.

Offensify offers a wide range of diversified products and services such as:

  • DDOS testing
  • Asma / Asset management Tool
  • Technical Support Services (Healthcheck for Security Technologies (SIEM, IPS, NGFW, AV, Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Load Balancer)
  • Penetration Testing services (External Penetration Test, Internal Penetration Testing/ Black Box, Internal Penetration Testing/ White Box, IoT Penetration Test, Mobile Application Penetration Test, Red Teaming, Web Application Penetration Test – Black Box, Web Application Penetration Test – White Box, Web Service – API Penetration Test
  • Continuous Security Monitoring (7/24, 7/24 with Cyber Threat Intelligence, Continuous Security Monitoring – Night Shift)
  • Managed Security Services (Gold Pack, Platinum Pack)
  • Security Consulting Services (SIEM Consultancy Services)
  • Security Assessment Services (CIS Controls Gap Assessment, GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment, Information Security Management System 27001 Gap Assessment, Security Technologies Maturity Assessment)

Along with offering a wide range of products and services, Offensify also embraces cybersecurity companies and vendors to list their products as a seller on the marketplace that provides additional advantages to companies within the long-term cooperation regarding campaigns, loyalty programs, etc.

Additionally, the blog section of Offensify also accommodates useful cybersecurity information, from the most basic to the most complex, the latest trends to the essential improvements in the cybersecurity world.

About Offensify

Offensify is an international cybersecurity marketplace established in 2020, aiming to connect customers seeking cybersecurity products and services with vendors offering cybersecurity solutions globally. There has never been a better time to provide cybersecurity solutions online to the whole world. The rapid increase in demand for cybersecurity solutions within recent years has created a significant need for a change in the way that cybersecurity solutions are purchased. We exist to enable the world to offer the opportunity to purchase cybersecurity solutions and the cybersecurity vendors to sell their products and services to the world.

Our primary objective is to increase the cybersecurity maturity level of our customers by offering tailor-made yet competent, location-free, and easy-to-access cybersecurity solutions.


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