5 Tips for Industrial IoT Security to Defend Against Cyberattacks

Ransomware is giving way to the even higher stakes of killware for critical infrastructure. Hits on industrial IoT in critical infrastructures are becoming less about money and more about control and causing as much damage as possible.


Bag a bargain safely this Black Friday weekend

Black Friday has exploded worldwide over the past couple of years. With all these shoppers online, Black Friday is like an ‘Early Christmas’ for cyber criminals. We spoke to industry experts about the steps organisations can take to enjoy a successful and trouble-free Black Friday.


How to Strengthen Your Organisation’s Password Hygiene

For organisations, employees neglecting to set strong passwords or having poor password habits can increase vulnerability to its cybersecurity strategy. sing strong passwords for account logins is one of the basic steps, yet time and time again, employees fail to comply with security policies at work.


Why Data Protection Cloud Strategies Are Now Mission-Critical

Many organisations are unclear about what levels of data protection are provided by cloud infrastructure, increasing the risk of data loss and compliance breach. Adopting 3rd party data protection tools ensures data protection, says Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Director Technical Marketing at Zerto.

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