5G Networks are on the Rise: Faraday Bags protect your electronic devices (with Video)

By now, most people have probably heard of 5G and the impact it will have. From a cybersecurity viewpoint, this upgrade of the IoT means devices are built less secure. This has raised concerns from many speculators, including military, governments. Cyber Protection Magazine interviews Dan DeBaun and Wilson Bautista about the technology they came up with to address these concerns.


Mozilla wants to show you where “Privacy is Not Included”

e interviewed Jen Caltrider of the Mozilla Foundation about the fifth annual Privacy Not Included list the foundation publishes annually and if you are thinking of buying some electronics as gifts or for yourself, you might think about referring to the list. Let us know if you ever consider privacy features when you are gift shopping.


Myths, statistics and holistic security – are insiders the real problem?

A 17-year-old FBI report claimed that 80 per cent of data breaches originate internally. A recent report on Statista, demonstrates that the problem is much more nuanced.

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