The objective of Cyber Protection Magazine is to guide anyone who is interested through the complex world of cybersecurity.

Our mission is to decrypt the technological language often used by cybersecurity experts into wording that everyone can understand. More importantly, in doing so we want everyone to be able to protect their data as good as possible.

While the team of Cyber Protection Magazine has been active in the cybersecurity space for decades, we’re not experts on every aspects of cybersecurity. Especially in the dynamic environment that cybersecurity represents, with new technologies, new advancements, but also new terminology springing up in a rapid manner.

Therefore, we are always looking for contributors to Cyber Protection Magazine to help us and our audience understand cybersecurity. Do you work in the cybersecurity industry and have an interesting topic to discuss? Are you expert on a particular topic in Cybersecurity and would like to see this topic better represented? Do you want to comment on a current topic in the area of cybersecurity?

Whatever your motives, feel free to contact us with a short abstract of your topic. We can promise that we will get back to you and we are looking forward to publish your content.