Video Byte

Video Byte: Endpoint Protection

Our next video byte is up, discussing endpoint protection. That still sounds a lot like “Anti-Virus“ doesn’t it? But endpoint protection has come a long way from „only“ scanning for malicious software.


Video Byte: Security Service Edge

SASE, CASB, Zero Trust, SSE – confused yet by all the abbrevations and acryonyms? Cybersecurity ist a highly dynamic field, and even the analysts find it hard to keep up.
We asked Mike Schuricht, VP Products at Forcepoint, to shed some light on Security Service Edge and explains its relationship to SASE and some other cybersecurity abbreviations in this Video Byte.


Video Byte: Why is Ransomware so popular?

Looking at some of the recent cybersecurity headlines , there is a lot of talk on ransomware. Apparently, ransomware is by far the most “popular” form of attack.
We wondered why this is and asked Gijsbert Janssen to give us a heads-up.