Video Byte: Security Service Edge

SASE, CASB, Zero Trust, SSE – confused yet by all the abbrevations and acryonyms? Cybersecurity ist a highly dynamic field, and even the analysts find it hard to keep up.
We asked Mike Schuricht, VP Products at Forcepoint, to shed some light on Security Service Edge and explains its relationship to SASE and some other cybersecurity abbreviations in this Video Byte.

If you’re also lost in all the abbrevations of the cybersecurity industry, and want to know what all these fancy terms really mean – we got you covered. Check out our categories:

  • Video Bytes: Every so often we aks one of the experts we speak with to explain one cybersecurity term for us. Here’s our video bytes.
  • Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet: The Cybersecurity Industry, being a subset of the IT industry, loves their acronyms and fancy terms. For someone who is on the lookout for a solution that helps protect their business, this can be overwhelming, confusing, or frustrating and usually all three of the above. That’s why we’re introducing a new series explaining some of the more fancy terms of the cybersecurity industry. We will keep them short, to the point and with a good dose of humor.
  • The Scambucket: Cybercriminals are corrupt, lazy, and self-righteous, but they are imaginative in looking for new ways to rip you off. That’s why we are launching this special series, Scam Bucket , to keep you up to date on the latest trends in cybercrime.

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