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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 – No more empty words

The week of May 15th marked Mental Health Awareness Week.
We spoke with experts from the cybersecurity to discuss how important that topic has become and will be in the future.

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Phishing Kits: the new frontier of hacker attacks

Phishing kits are ready-to-deploy packages, making cyber attacks easy. Awareness can help protect against phishing attacks.


Here’s to a New Password-Less Day!

It’s the tenth anniversary of World Password Day which means that there’s going to be an avalanche of well-intentioned advice this week about how to make passwords more secure. The problem is that passwords are never going to be secure.


World Password Day 2023: Simple Habits To Protect Your Data

World Password Day reminds businesses that water-tight password security needs to be prioritised. Companies must take steps like educating staff and using new technologies to avoid serious data breaches.

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Sextortion is criminal, but may not be a crime

“Sextortion” is a popular theme in media and the news, but it may or may not be a big deal. It might not even be a crime depending on where you live. No one can really come up with a consensus about what it is and how widespread it is. It’s even difficult to pin down what constitutes the typical perpetrator of this crime.


Generative AI tools are a blessing and a curse, but cybersecurity may lead to reason

Generative AI is generating press describing it as a blessing or a curse, perhaps both. Cooler heads, however, are finding balance and benefit, especially in the cybersecurity field.


Bank collapse drives Phishing attacks

“We are seeing some phishing attempts offering loans, or pretending to be founders to financial teams,” said Grant Warnick, CEO of cybersecurity company Fletch. “We are expecting more fraud attempts this week as bad actors pretend to be companies impacted by this incident.”


A Trip to the Dark Side of ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence might become a weapon in the hands of cyber criminals. We spoke with Sergey Shykevich from CheckPoint to see how concerned the cybersecurity worlds needs to be.


Data Protection Day 2023: A Priority Not An Option

Data Protection Day serves as a stark reminder to companies to review their data security systems and look for ways to evolve, become more resilient, and, ultimately, build trusting relationships with their customers.

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The Growing Problem of Shadow APIs

The rapid adoption of cloud services and APIs has led to the emergence of shadow APIs, which pose significant security risks. The consequences are evident in some major real-world incidents.

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Is biometric technology secure? Exploring two scenarios

80% of computer hacks and cyber-crimes have been a result of passwords being compromised. Biometric technology ca be a solution, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach

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Identity Management Day: the power of Prevention and Protection

Today marks the 3rd annual Identity Management Day. We spoke to a range of tech security professionals about how businesses can ensure digital identities remain secure.


Raising the Stakes – the Evolving Threat of Ransomware

Given the evolving nature of the risks presented by ransomware gangs, there is clearly a need for better protection and remediation strategies.

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World Backup Day 2023: Advice from Industry Experts

Every year, on March 31st, World Backup Day serves as a reminder of the importance of routine backups for both individuals and organisations.


How Innovative Security Solutions Can Neutralize Data Breaches 

If data breaches appear to be happening more often it’s because they are. Organizations should take the lead towards investing in innovative security solutions argues our guest author Arti Raman

Equity equals action this International Women’s Day

Women account for just a quarter of cybersecurity jobs globally. While this figure has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade (rising from

Companies Turn to Behavior-Based Cybersecurity Training

Tide of Security Breaches
Traditional cybersecurity awareness training leaves companies vulnerable to social engineering attacks. Reducing the risk of people causing a breach requires a change in culture.

DDoS Attack Wave on Banks: How can Companies Protect Themselves?

Digitaization has radically changed banking – from a traditionally conservative sector to one of the most innovative. The flip side of this coin has been the acute dependence of banks on IT and thus their vulnerability to cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks.

Cost of Cybercrime:  Addressing Tight Budgets and an increasing Skills Gap

2023 will be another challenging year for organizations as cyberthreats continue to dominate headlines. On top of a more complex threat landscape, organizations are now having to navigate uncertainties around budget restrictions as the c-suite focuses on cutting what they perceive as non-essential costs.

Safer Internet Day 2023: It’s a dangerous business, going online

This year, February 7th marks the 20th Safer Internet Day – we’ve collected quotes from around the industry to answer one question: How can users stay safe online?