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Layoffs in tech

Cybersecurity seems to be bucking the trend against layoffs

A few weeks ago a SeekingAlpha post predicted, “Here come the layoffs”. Cybersecurity seems to be bucking the trend, however, thanks to a combination of


Tackling the Ransomware Threat

Ransomware continues to be one of the biggest cybersecurity threats. It may be worth taking up insurance as part of one’s defensive strategy.


Defanging the Horror of Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is often in the news, mostly about how it’s going to destroy the world as nation-states bust the hardest encryptions around so they


Is that Really You – how business email is compromised

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a serious threat, and it often goes unnoticed. Read here what you can do about hackers impersonating your CEO or CFO in our latest guest Article from Alejandro del Hoyo.

The NIST cryptography standards process

Demystifying Quantum Cryptography

The NIST announcements about 4 algorithm standards to protect against quantum computing hacks had marketing departments go into overdrive. We decided it’s time to start demystifying quantum cryptography.


The Security Standard to rule them all

Taken from our latest special issue, Alex Leadbeater, ETSI’s Chair of Cybersecurity discusses their IoT-Security standard


Ransomware: The Worst is Yet to Come

Even though ransomware attacks declined for the first half of this year, the worst is yet to come, experts say.


Cyber Protection Magazine: Cloud Expo Issue

Our first printed special edition of Cyber Protection Magazine is here. This time the issue is not only available in digital form, a printed version is also available on the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt. Consequently, we have a few topics we discuss in this issue.


Ukraine war is fast-tracking cyber laws

Thanks to Vlad “The Invader” Putin, the EU, UK and US are fast-tracking cyber laws. But some experts think the laws and regulations lack proper incentives beyond fines and prosecution.

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Mission driven

Cybersecurity with limited talent and resources

Due to the cybersecurity talent shortage, many organizations have decided to engage with security service providers to help protect critical assets and ensure round-the-clock detection and response to threats.


How Criminals Attack the Building Blocks of the Internet

It’s not a surprise that cyber criminals have identified APIs as one of the most lucrative targets when it comes to retrieving sensitive information. Here are some ideas how to prevent API attacks.


How open source solutions support cloud security

The responsibility for software security has shifted “to the left,” placing increased expectation on developers for the security of cloud native applications. Open Source to the rescue!

Virtru adds security to period tracking apps

Period Tracking Apps Imperil Women

The recent US Supreme Court decision on abortion didn’t just set back women’s rights by half a century. It also restored the rhythm method of


Optimism is a hard job. I love my job!

In honor of Women’s Equality around the world, we are thrilled to put a spotlight on the amazing story of Imevet Checol


Women’s Equality Day: A Day of Reflection for Women in Tech

Women’s Equality Day has become a marker for how far gender equality has come over the last century. We’ve asked industry expert to reflect on the past, present and future of women in cyber.

How a medieval city can explain cloud security.

There are two kinds of cloud security, and both can be explained using the analogy of a medieval city or village. Let’s do the time warp (again).

How to Incentivize the Cybersecurity Workforce

Keeping the best talent will always be an uphill battle. From trying to entice teachers to forgo higher pay to motivating well-paid employees to achieve more and elevate the corporate vision, nearly endless factors shape the equation of: will they stay or will they go?

Web Scraping: A Critical Tool For Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is a vital strategy that prevents attacks, and web scraping is critical to its success.

Roblox Hack: don’t let cybercriminals blindside you

Last month, it was reported that Roblox – an online game creation platform – had suffered a data breach after one of its employees fell

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