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The Security Standard to rule them all

Taken from our latest special issue, Alex Leadbeater, ETSI’s Chair of Cybersecurity discusses their IoT-Security standard


Managing Cloud Security Costs

With an average annual cost averaging in the thousands per application, and with hundreds or thousands of applications in a cloud or hybrid cloud, cybersecurity costs can become expensive.


Fighting back against lateral attacks

Lateral attacks are a problem for the gaming industry, especially online games. Hackers use it not only to steal identities but to infiltrate corporate and


Ransomware: The Worst is Yet to Come

Even though ransomware attacks declined for the first half of this year, the worst is yet to come, experts say.


Cyber Protection Magazine: Cloud Expo Issue

Our first printed special edition of Cyber Protection Magazine is here. This time the issue is not only available in digital form, a printed version is also available on the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt. Consequently, we have a few topics we discuss in this issue.


Ukraine war is fast-tracking cyber laws

Thanks to Vlad “The Invader” Putin, the EU, UK and US are fast-tracking cyber laws. But some experts think the laws and regulations lack proper incentives beyond fines and prosecution.


Russian Cyber Warfare capabilities overblown

There is one thing we learned from the Ukraine war: the Russian army is not nearly as powerful as we believed it was. That goes for their cyberwarfare capabilities as well – find out why in our latest Crucial Tech podcast.


Security Ideology Might be the Biggest Problem

Above strategy, there is something even more fundamental to the way security is carried out in organizations—ideology.


All Eyes on Critical Infrastructure as Authorities Call for Greater Cyber Resilience

The recent ‘Five Eyes’ cybersecurity advisory underlines current concerns about the possibility of state-sponsored attacks. In particular, the guidance focuses on the risks faced by critical infrastructure providers.

Immersive education tech

There is no there in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the decentralized web so you keep control of your data…. except for the corporations looking to make sure they control it before


Bridging the gap: International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day focuses attention on the many opportunities for women in engineering – as well as celebrating those paving the way.

Affordable training in abundance

The lack of security professionals isn’t because of a lack of affordable training

World Productivity Day: Efficiency in the Technological Age

It’s World Productivity Day, and Cyber Protection Magazine spoke to nine technology experts to get their tips on how to motivate and get the most out of their workforce and help to increase productivity in the cybersecurity industry.

Promoting Cybersecurity for Accountants

Often, the weakest link in cybersecurity is considered to be people, as 85% of successful cyberattacks involve some form of human element. Employees in accounting are highly vulnerable to these breaches.

RSAC2022 North Hall

Is your freelancer a nation-state hacker?

The Biden administration warned in May that the freelancer you hired to code may be a North Korean spy. These cyber spies are posing as remote, contract IT workers and infiltrating malware into all forms of networks

Ransomware 101: Keeping the lights on when hackers attack

Ransomware attackers are reliant on a business’ inability to recover. In this article, Christopher Rogers from Zerto explains what companies can do to prioritize recovery.

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