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Are Unparalleled AI Deployments Outpacing Cybersecurity Capabilities?

There is a growing concern that the increasing use of AI could create a tipping point where the technology grows and permeates our personal lives and businesses rapidly, building upon itself while cyber protections are still catching up. 

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Emerging Cryptocurrency Scams: Red Flags and Prevention

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, there has also been an alarming increase in cryptocurrency scams that target unsuspecting investors.

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Scam bucket: USPS Smishing

A relatively new “smishing” attack (using SMS texts to gather personal information) is moving through the US, with the attackers posing as the United States

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How Your Cybersecurity Strategy Can Combat Fake New

Fake news is a more significant threat to cybersecurity than most people realize, therefore it’s essential to be aware of how one can certify a news story’s validity online.


From Coders to Protectors: Women’s Influence in Cybersecurity

The need for knowledgeable people to safeguard our online environment has increased. In this context, women have become significant influences in cybersecurity.

AI under siege

AI is at war with itself

It almost seems that the AI market is an industry at war with itself.

Generative AI security weaknesses

Security issues, regulation, reality dull AI hype

In the last year the tech world has seen some spectacular expectation resets on “revolutionary” technology. Social media has gone from a boon to democracy

Sextortion scam

Sextortion is criminal, but may not be a crime

“Sextortion” is a popular theme in media and the news, but it may or may not be a big deal. It might not even be a crime depending on where you live. No one can really come up with a consensus about what it is and how widespread it is. It’s even difficult to pin down what constitutes the typical perpetrator of this crime.


Generative AI tools are a blessing and a curse, but cybersecurity may lead to reason

Generative AI is generating press describing it as a blessing or a curse, perhaps both. Cooler heads, however, are finding balance and benefit, especially in the cybersecurity field.


Bank collapse drives Phishing attacks

“We are seeing some phishing attempts offering loans, or pretending to be founders to financial teams,” said Grant Warnick, CEO of cybersecurity company Fletch. “We are expecting more fraud attempts this week as bad actors pretend to be companies impacted by this incident.”

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14-yr. old striker, Fola La Follette, and Rose Livingston

The Times they are A-changing: Women in Cyber

Today marks International Women in Cyber Day. Cyber Protection Magazine collected commentaries from women around the cybersecurity industry.

pile of smartphones

These are your 5 most dangerous devices

If you look around your house or office, you’ll be surprised which of your devices are the most risky. Spoiler: It’s not your computer.

Richard Stiennon discusses marketing

Cybersecurity market heading for a reckoning

The cybersecurity market is heading for a reckoning without serious adjustments to marketing strategies. Recent reports, including one from Dimensional Research, showed large enterprises are

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Unwanted Voice Traffic: A Growing Threat Impacts Businesses

A new report shows the growing threat of unwanted voice traffic and its pervasive impact on enterprises worldwide.

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Is the way we recruit exacerbating the skills shortage?

The shortage in cybersecurity experts has led businesses to compete in earnest over a small pool of talent and the consequences of this are that more cybersecurity professionals are changing jobs than ever.


Zero Trust Principles for Mid-Market Companies

The arena of Zero Trust is an unbridled circus. Conflicting best practices, classic overselling, and niche use cases abound making two things painfully clear: 1) organizational leadership is making Zero Trust a top priority, and 2) the folks tasked with implementing it have no idea where to start.

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Why it’s vital for companies to be responsible digital citizens

When companies consider the value of cybersecurity awareness training, they should be thinking about their cybersecurity responsibilities in an even more fundamental and comprehensive way.

Standards bodies doing the heavy lifting in AI regulation

As with any digital product, security relies on four arenas. User responsibility, corporate accountability, government regulation and industry standards.

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Ransomware: How to Prevent and Recover From an Attack

Ransomware attacks have cost victims millions upon millions of dollars, and these attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. This article will explore effective strategies to prevent and recover from these ambushes.

R.I.P. Kevin Mitnick

One of the most famous – or infamous – hackers of all time, Kevin Mitnick, passed on July 16th.

While early in his career he was definitely leaning towards the dark side, he later did more for raising awareness to cybersecurity threats than most people.