Cyber Protection Magazine Special Edition: Cloud Expo Issue

Our second issue is here. It’s available in print and, of course, for full reading here. On this page, you will find all links mentioned in the different articles.


Secure64 Software Corporation


The Security Standard to Rule Them All

5 Tips for Industrial IoT Security to Defend
Against Cyberattacks

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How a Medieval City can Explain
Cloud Security

Blocking the Path of Least Resistance

Choosing Suppliers to Pass
Government Mandates

Protecting All Users is What’s Next for MFA

Users are reluctant to enroll in 2FA

Salesforce now requires MFA

Google is gradually making 2FA mandatory for all users Inc.’s Ring made 2FA mandatory in 2020

enterprise MFA adoption is still low

common MFA myths

extending security down the “non-privileged” path

principle of least privilege

Microsoft wrote about limiting users in 1999

least privilege is more pertinent than ever to an organization’s security strategy

six key points to remember when deploying MFA

Controlling the SAP Attack Surface

How to Secure Your APIs Effectively

BLST Security

How to check your API for security weaknesses

Germany’s Leading Cloud &
Cybersecurity Technology Event