Sextortion is criminal, but may not be a crime

“Sextortion” is a popular theme in media and the news, but it may or may not be a big deal. It might not even be a crime depending on where you live. No one can really come up with a consensus about what it is and how widespread it is. It’s even difficult to pin down what constitutes the typical perpetrator of this crime.


Bank collapse drives Phishing attacks

“We are seeing some phishing attempts offering loans, or pretending to be founders to financial teams,” said Grant Warnick, CEO of cybersecurity company Fletch. “We are expecting more fraud attempts this week as bad actors pretend to be companies impacted by this incident.”


Demystifying Quantum Cryptography

The NIST announcements about 4 algorithm standards to protect against quantum computing hacks had marketing departments go into overdrive. We decided it’s time to start demystifying quantum cryptography.