The changing world of cybersecurity: expected trends in the world of cyber for 2022

The year is almost over – reason enough for us to take a look at what’s ahead. This is the first in a series of predictions from cybersecurity experts of what we can expect in 2022. But beware: Predictions are difficult, especially about the future!


Computer Security Day: Technology, Training and Trust

Computer Security Day comes around every 30th November as a reminder for enterprises to make security a strategic priority. With this in mind, we spoke to nine technology industry experts about the importance of taking cybersecurity seriously and the best methods in defending your organisation against cyber attacks.


Video Byte: Security Service Edge

SASE, CASB, Zero Trust, SSE – confused yet by all the abbrevations and acryonyms? Cybersecurity ist a highly dynamic field, and even the analysts find it hard to keep up.
We asked Mike Schuricht, VP Products at Forcepoint, to shed some light on Security Service Edge and explains its relationship to SASE and some other cybersecurity abbreviations in this Video Byte.


Myths, statistics and holistic security – are insiders the real problem?

A 17-year-old FBI report claimed that 80 per cent of data breaches originate internally. A recent report on Statista, demonstrates that the problem is much more nuanced.


Multi-Layered Security Wins the Digital Transformation Gold Rush

The internet created its own kind of “gold rush” fever. The fallout from the Internet bubble laid thousands of Internet businesses to waste. Yet, as with the gold rush, those who stayed afloat provided the security and network infrastructure to support the digital businesses.


How Zero Trust supports IT and OT security

The recent ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure services could not have demonstrated more clearly how interwoven the IT environment is with the control of production plants today. By isolating both worlds, a Zero Trust approach provides the required security for these environments while still ensuring secure connectivity.

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