Overcoming the Defender’s Dilemma with Generative AI and NLP

The cybersecurity industry has developed a wide range of tools to protect organizations against cyberattacks. Still, by definition the bad guys still have the advantage over the defender, as they just need to find one vulnerability or just one misconfiguration, while the defense needs to protect the entire landscape.

This situation is widely known as the defender’s dilemma, and short of being omniscient, it can’t really be resolved. But in cybersecurity a mitigation can be as valuable as resolving the issue. And mitigating the defender’s dilemma is what most cybersecurity solutions are trying to do. Either by monitoring the landscape continuously (SIEM systems) or by trying to minimize the attack surface (Vulnerability Management, Patch Management) or at the very least by responding as quickly as possible (Incident Response Planning).

All of these solutions have one thing in common: they are reactive. Now, being proactive as a defender is obviously difficult. But it is possible to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the hacker community. Not only that but using a combination of (generative) Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing will enable defenders to know what they need to defend.

Is there increasing discussions on attacking a specific hardware or software solution which I use in my system landscape? Are there hints whether a specific industry is about to be attacked? Or even my company? The answers to those questions are spread over the entire internet: Darknet, Chat Systems, Code Platforms, you name it – all those are used by hackers to discuss their approaches – and to obscure them.

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The hacker community knows the relevant sources, where to look for their attack strategy and tactics. SeekValley knows these data, too. A processing and analytics pipeline which identifies when certain terms are used increasingly over a certain period of time and in a specific combination, combined with a generative AI approach will then give defenders the answers they are looking for.

Put differently: you can ask in simple questions, just like you would “speak” to any other generative AI, to find out if there is an imminent thread. Alternatively, it’s possible to create customized dashboards and trend reports which highlight the buzz in the hacker community. And you can even add your own data sources – internal or external – to get a comprehensive picture.


SeekValley will support your reactive cybersecurity measures with a proactive approach, alerting you to potentially new threats before they will happen. The combination of AI and NLP along with the power of Big Data provides you with a powerful cybersecurity tool – a fishing rod for the hacker’s data lake.

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