Call for Content: We’re going offline – again.

OK, we’ve made that joke before, but it’s still fun.

We have partnered with the biggest cybersecurity event in Europe, it-sa 365, and a printed issue of Cyber Protection Magazine will be distributed both at the exhibition and at the conference.

Our last special issue was for the Cloud Expo last year in Frankfurt, Germany. From our experience, a printed issue is a great for name recognition.  Visitors pick up the magazine and are more focused on the content and likely to remember what they read compared to articles read on an electronic device.

So we’re looking for great content and we’re calling out to our readers to help. This time we will focus on several topics trending in the industry to catch the readers attention at it-sa.

So far, we’ve identified the following topics we want to highlight:

  • API Security
  • Cybersecurity and AI (i.e. the defense against the AI arts)
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Safe Cryptography
  • Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

Of course, since our objective is to educate about cybersecurity needs and requirements in general, all other topics are welcomed as well.

For those who are afraid that their article will not make the final issue, we have some other news to share. Starting with the it-sa issue, we will publish new issues (at least) bi-monthly. Those will be PDF versions to start with, though we will have printed issues as well – in fact, for the National Cyber Security Show in the UK in 2024, we’re already planning another one. And if your article doesn’t make it into the it-sa issue, we’ll feature it in one of the upcoming issues provided it meets our editorial guidelines.

Speaking about guidelines: we do have them, but they’re not very extensive. For the printed issue, about 600 words equals one page. 2-page articles make most sense, so plan accordingly – especially when considering images or graphics you’d like to feature. Other than that, we ask you to be educational or voice an informed opinion.

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Above all, don’t be promotional unless you want to pay for the privilege. We offer special discounts for the it-sa issues and we’re working on a new pricing structure for the bi-monthly issues. Of course, we offer advertising options as well, for those of you who are in marketing and consider this option. As mentioned, the printed issue will be distributed at it-sa to both exhibition visitors and conference participants, it will also go out in PDF form to our subscriber database and it will be featured on our social media channels. That gives you considerable reach. Contact us for more detailed information.

Last, but not least: We will also attend it-sa in person, so if you’d like to schedule a meeting, reach out as well, we’re looking forward to meeting you in Nürnberg in October.

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