Diversity and opportunity in cyber, with Rockwell’s Nicole Darden Ford

The technology industry is notorious for it’s lack of diversity. A November report from job-search company, Zippia pointed out that while the industry employs less than 8 percent of US workers, men hold more than 70 percent of the jobs, and 62 percent of the workers are white as are 83 percent of the executives. Moreover, compared to all other industries, tech company employ the fewest Black Americans.

The cybersecurity industry has similar numbers according to a report from International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP), the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, and ISC2. However, the report said numbers are going up and to right as more women and people of color enter the field to find lucrative careers.

Any visit to a major event like RSA or even the Rockwell Automation Fair will demonstrate that the industry is far more inclusive than comparative semiconductor industry events. Recently we sat down to talk with Nicole Darden Ford, CISO for Rockwell to talk about her path to the C-Suite, what kind of opportunities there are for women and minorities in cybersecurity, and how companies in any niche can increase diversity.

Lou Covey is the Chief Editor for Cyber Protection Magazine. In 50 years as a journalist he covered American politics, education, religious history, women’s fashion, music, marketing technology, renewable energy, semiconductors, avionics. He is currently focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He published a book on renewable energy policy in 2020 and is writing a second one on technology aptitude. He hosts the Crucial Tech podcast.

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