Russian Cyber Warfare capabilities overblown

Much of the West has feared Russian aggression since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Then it was their technologically superior military. Most recently it’s been their vaunted cyber warfare capabilities.

This podcast focuses on the realization that the Russians are not as scary as were thought they were. Oh, they are still scary, but scary like a feral, rabid house cat, rather than a man-eating tiger.

I came up with this realization from a Linkedin post by Ian Thornton-Trump, something of a celebrity in cybersecurity. Ian is a certified IT professional with 25 years of experience in IT security and information technology.

From 1989 to 1992, Ian served with the Canadian Forces (CF), Military Intelligence Branch and then as a criminal intelligence analyst for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Now he consults on cybersecurity for multi-national insurance, banking and regional health care industries. His most memorable role was being a project manager, specializing in cybersecurity for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. He is now Chief Information Security Officer at Cyjax in the UK, a consulting organization identifying threats for client organisations. He also teaches cybersecurity and IT business courses for CompTIA and is the lead architect for Cyber Titan, Canada’s efforts to encourage the next generation of cyber professionals. So he’s a busy guy.

His post in Linkedin, essentially said, “Russian cyber warfare? Meh.” That intrigued me so I sent him a private message and asked him to elaborate, and boy did he. So I invited him on the podcast. Turns out he’s a fan. Who knew?

Lou Covey is the Chief Editor for Cyber Protection Magazine. In 50 years as a journalist he covered American politics, education, religious history, women’s fashion, music, marketing technology, renewable energy, semiconductors, avionics. He is currently focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He published a book on renewable energy policy in 2020 and is writing a second one on technology aptitude. He hosts the Crucial Tech podcast.

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