Computer Security Day: Technology, Training and Trust

Computer Security Day comes around every 30th November as a reminder for enterprises to make security a strategic priority. With this in mind, we spoke to nine technology industry experts about the importance of taking cybersecurity seriously and the best methods in defending your organisation against cyber attacks.


How to Strengthen Your Organisation’s Password Hygiene

For organisations, employees neglecting to set strong passwords or having poor password habits can increase vulnerability to its cybersecurity strategy. sing strong passwords for account logins is one of the basic steps, yet time and time again, employees fail to comply with security policies at work.


Myths, statistics and holistic security – are insiders the real problem?

A 17-year-old FBI report claimed that 80 per cent of data breaches originate internally. A recent report on Statista, demonstrates that the problem is much more nuanced.


Planning Your Post-Pandemic Cybersecurity Strategy

Poorly secured home networks and connected devices leave organizations offering WFM at risk of phishing, ransomware, and other threats. The situation requires businesses to rethink their existing cybersecurity strategy.

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