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Cyber security and data protection are becoming ever more important. In fact, big data breaches and other cybersecurity news are now covered by major media corporation. In the meantime, cyber security is a growth industry with almost every technical publication covering developments in some way and multiple publications and analysts specifically dedicated to covering the news in the industry.

However, those publications are more concerned with product announcements and covering the latest breaches in a way that only the most technically adept can understand. What is missing in the media landscape is a publication that explains the issues and evaluate the technology in terms the C-suite and business leaders can understand.

In addition, the cyber security industry evolves at neck breaking speed, which is imperative given the proverbial cat-and-mouse-game between cyber criminals and cyber security professionals and solutions. However this rapid development makes it hard for smaller and medium sized business to keep up, not to mention consumers who are also more threatened by cyber criminal activities than at any other time in the past.

What’s needed is a publication which keeps track of these developments, structures and evaluates it in a way that can benefit everyone who is not dealing with cybersecurity as a part of their daily routine. This is Cyber Protection Magazine.

We chose Cyber Protection Magazine for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to imply the two main topics which we will be covering here on our website: Cyber security and data protection and privacy. Secondly, we aim to provide advice to our readers concerning these two main topics, which is why we chose the more active “protection” over other available options.

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In other words, if you want to find information, explanations and basic knowledge on cyber security and data protection, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for real advice on how to navigate in an increasingly insecure online world which knows more about you than you can possibly imagine, look no further. And if you are hunting for real value in that area, this will be the best place to be.

Welcome to Cyber Protection Magazine. 

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