US companies face hefty fines for GDPR violations

We’re talking with Paul Smith, country manager for Sweeft Digital, a UK agency helping companies manage their digital presence, including compliance with UK and Europe privacy regulations. He confirmed concerns about the US versions of the GDPR. Bottom line is, each of us has to take care of ourselves. Our governments are not going to.


Quantum computing is not really here, yet. But companies are getting ready for it

Quantum computing is one of those technologies that causes hyperbole, confusion, and concern. A lot of the discussion is not much more than wishful thinking or uninformed fear. For most people, it will not affect them in their lifetime. That’s not to say it isn’t something to completely ignore.

We talked to Alan Grau, VP of business development for the startup company PQShield in this week’s episode of Crucial Tech to get an overview of where we are in quantum security and what their company has to offer.