Our 2024 Predictions Issue is here

The heading says it all: Our latest issue, focusing on predictions for 2024, has finally arrived.

This issue is packed with predictions from leading industry experts. More importantly, we took care that those predictions are not limited to companies boosting their own solution. Instead, we sought out predictions from industry experts who don’t have an axe to grind. Lou even got a prediction from legendary cryptologist Bruce Schneier (who, like Lou, doesn’t like predictions.)

Download our predictions 2024 issue here

Here’s the list of articles:

All articles will be available on the website, too – for our paid members. It’s only 24.99$ a year to register – less than a cup of coffee per month for some great quality content (there will be more, stay tuned).

We used to call these digital magazine “special issues” – but since we will publish them bi-monthly now, we’re dropping the “special”. Thanks to our main sponsor for the year, Safety National Insurances, for supporting us in this!

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