Roundtable IoT Security – The Black Out will come

“Black Out”, a book that predicted the future of IIoT security in 2012, highlighted an attack on the power grid, causing catastrophic scenes in all of Western Europe. Is this really a horror scenario from a science-fiction book? Reality seems to catch up, when we think of closed Coop supermarkets in Sweden after the Kaseya Supply Chain attack, or long traffic jams in the US after the colonial pipeline hack – all happening this year.

Which role does IIoT security play today and in the future to prevent these scenarios from happening? How far away are we from a similar scenario? The unanimous opinion was that we should prepare for a scenario which results in more than just long lines in front of the gas stations.

Cyberprotection Magazine discusses these questions with 5 handpicked experts from the IoT security sector in our third roundtable.

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