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Today is World Password Day – and we’ve put together an extensive special for you. Varying an old movie title: Everything you always wanted to know about passwords but were afraid to ask.

And, as usual, we have some interesting articles: Two collection of statements on World Password Day, a review which answers the question whether alternative logon methods are ready for primetime yet and an expert interview on the future of passwords. Enjoy reading our special!

The passwordless future is not for you

Last updated on August 17th, 2022 at 03:50 pm The announcements in the past few weeks from Apple, Google and other major consumer companies about


Password, qwerty, 123456: Leaving bad habits behind on World Password Day

It’s World Password Day. If you’re still using weak passwords or one password for all your online services – read this article to hear what some experts say and what you need to change now.


World Password Day: quotes from the industry, part 2

Today is World Password Day. Read what the industry has to say here at Cyber Protection Magazine. With qutoes from Exabeam, Content Guru, Digital Guardian, Egnyte, and ConnectWise.


World Password Day: Quotes from the industry, part 1

World Password Day: Video – Interview with Dr. Johannes Ullrich

Password day is not yet over, so we thought we give you the highlight of the day last. We’ve had a very interesting and entertaining call with Dr. Johannes Ullrich, Dean of Research for SANS Technology Institue, on world password day


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