Cyber Protection Magazine: Cloud Expo Issue

Our first printed special edition of Cyber Protection Magazine is here.

This time the issue is not only available in digital form, a printed version is also available on the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt. Consequently, we have a few topics we discuss in this issue.

IoT Security

Firstly, we talk about IoT Security with an interesting interview with Alex Leadbeater, Chair of ETSI’s TC Cybersecurity. With him, we discuss their latest IoT-Security Standard EN 603 345, which aims to serve as a baseline for the security of IoT devices. Michael Yehoshua then discusses 5 tips to defend Industrial IoT against cyberattacks.

Cloud Security

Our second topic is cloud security. We give an analogy to explain cloud security, followed by an overview about which technologies are available to protect your personal information in the cloud. Lastly, John Flory III from HarborShield Cybersecurity discusses how to find cloud providers which really implement security measures.

Enterprise Security

Last, but certainly not least, we look at Enterprise security. François Amigorena from IS Decisions offers a view of what the future of Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) looks like. The topic of Christoph Nagy from SecurityBridge is the security of SAP systems, which more often than not contain the most valuable data. Enterprises also utilize a lot of APIs to connect their systems to the outside world, and Chaim Peer from BLST Security offers an insight into how to protect those APIs effectively.

If you like to read our current edition, you can subscribe to our newsletter or magazine list, or visit Cloud Expo in Frankfurt – if you missed the event, there’s a an article in the magazine which highlights some of the presentation from the event as well as giving an outlook to the next Cloud Expo.

Download your copy here:

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