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Fortify your business: 5 practices for stellar cybersecurity

The human element remains the weakest link in cybersecurity. In our latest guest post, Oliver Noble lays out how security-oriented work culture is put into practice.


Make semiconductors secure… or else

Last week, the 58th Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco dropped a few hints that the semiconductor industry will finally consider making chips secure before manufacturing. However, not without kicking, screaming and complaining.


Roundtable IoT Security – The Black Out will come

The Black Out will come – it’s not a question of if, but rather when. This is what all experts agreed upon in our 3rd Cyber Protection Magazine roundtable.


log4j: What You Need To Do now

The internet is on fire. Quite literally, ever since news about a vulnerability in log4j. Here’s what to do now.

Welcome to Cyber Protection Magazine

The cyber security industry evolves at neck breaking speed. What is missing is a publication that keeps track of and explains the issues and evaluates the technology in terms the C-suite and business leaders can understand. This is Cyber Protection Magazine.

California grant program is a security nightmare

Government’s inability to protect citizen data resulted in at least $36 billion in cyber fraud this year. California may be getting ready to add to that total and setting up small businesses to be hit hard by hackers.

Data Protection Day: Schrems II: The SME dilemma

Data Protection Day is a time to remind organizations across all industries and sizes about the important of data protection. Lately we’ve seen a lot of regulations like the GDPR or Schrems II, all small steps towards a proper data protection to secure personal data and give the topic the deserved recognition.
With the ruling of the European Court of Justice in the Schrems II case, pressure is growing on small and medium-sized companies to re-evaluate their processes and procedures and adapt them to the regulations of the EU GDPR. Mareike Vogt, data protection expert at TÜV SÜD, takes a closer look at this current topic.

Podcast: The hackers won’t let you go. Time to go after them

In cooperation with our correspondent from SIlicon Valley, Lou Covey, Cybersecurity Magazine is pleased to now offer podcasts. In this episode, John Flory III, CISO for Harbor Networks, explains why it is necessary to go on offense with ransomware attacks.

Patience and persistence trump technology in SolarWinds attack

As soon as the SolarWinds breach hit the news, press releases started pouring out of the cyber security industry with claims that their products or services would have prevented the breach, but talking to people in the trenches, that is a dangerous claim to believe. The truth it, human error and intention can defeat any security protocol or technology. We talked to Matthew Rosenquist and Steve Hanna about the only way to deal with security: vigilance.

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