Schools May Be More Secure Than You Think

Educational facilities have been hard hit in the past few years by cybercriminals and hostile nation-state actors. The pandemic made the situation even worse. But some districts are more secure, using cost-effective tools, than many corporations we’ve talked to. There may be some lessons to learn from this so we talked to Kyle Brumbaugh, director of technology and innovation at the Redwood City School District in Redwood City, California.

Lou Covey

Lou Covey is the Chief Editor for Cyber Protection Magazine. In 50 years as a journalist he covered American politics, education, religious history, women’s fashion, music, marketing technology, renewable energy, semiconductors, avionics. He is currently focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He published a book on renewable energy policy in 2020 and is writing a second one on technology aptitude. He hosts the Crucial Tech podcast.

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