Ukraine: Open Warfare in the Cyber World

Cyber warfare has been an open secret for many years, but the conflict in Ukraine has brought it out into the open and includes more than government-sponsored hacking. Anonymous took out the broadcast network, Russia Today (RT) with a massive DDoS attack, and the Russian Duma and several military servers were similarly hit within the past 48 hours. Meanwhile, Ukrainian hackers aligned with Russia have been attacking the Ukrainian infrastructure, hoping to get on the payroll of the GRU.
We talked with Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos of NYU’s Center for Global Affairs about the relative preparedness of NATO countries for attacks from Russia and it’s surrogates as well as the extent of guerrilla-type warfare from unaligned hackers on both sides.

Lou Covey

Lou Covey is the Chief Editor for Cyber Protection Magazine. In 50 years as a journalist he covered American politics, education, religious history, women’s fashion, music, marketing technology, renewable energy, semiconductors, avionics. He is currently focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He published a book on renewable energy policy in 2020 and is writing a second one on technology aptitude. He hosts the Crucial Tech podcast.

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