With the Data Privacy Day and the data privacy week, the end of January has a particular focus on protecting data.

The GDPR caused an uproar when it was implemented in 2018, but by today we see more and more countries adopting similar laws and regulations. And for a good reason, too: in our special on data privacy, read expert commentary on data privacy, but also useful knowledge about how your personal data is being used – data collection is not always evil.

The Role of a Zero Trust Network in Your Organisation’s Digital Transformation

Traditionally, security architectures focused on protecting the network. In a connected world, this approach is no longer effective. A zero trust security architecture is essential for every organisation. 

GDPR and the Future of Data Regulation

Today marks the 4th anniversary of GDPR. We spoke to eight experts and asked them, what changes the regulation brought.

Ukraine war is fast-tracking cyber laws

Thanks to Vlad “The Invader” Putin, the EU, UK and US are fast-tracking cyber laws. But some experts think the laws and regulations lack proper incentives beyond fines and prosecution.

Data Protection Day 2022: Prioritising data protection in a changing world

Organisations collect and store more data than ever before. However, this data is at greater risk than ever. For Data Protection Day 2022 we asked industry experts about their views on the state of data privacy.

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