Special: Data Privacy Day

With the Data Privacy Day and the data privacy week, the end of January has a particular focus on protecting data.

The GDPR caused an uproar when it was implemented in 2018, but by today we see more and more countries adopting similar laws and regulations. And for a good reason, too: in our special on data privacy, read expert commentary on data privacy, but also useful knowledge about how your personal data is being used – data collection is not always evil.

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Happy Anniversary GDPR: 5 years on, where do we stand?

Five years have passed since the advent of GDPR regulations. EU regulators have been picking up on violations and issuing billions of euros in penalties

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World Backup Day 2023: Advice from Industry Experts

Every year, on March 31st, World Backup Day serves as a reminder of the importance of routine backups for both individuals and organisations.

How Innovative Security Solutions Can Neutralize Data Breaches 

If data breaches appear to be happening more often it’s because they are. Organizations should take the lead towards investing in innovative security solutions argues our guest author Arti Raman

cybersecurity and data privacy are not the same

Cybersecurity and data privacy are not the same thing

Cybersecurity and data privacy are two parts of a whole discipline, but they are not the same thing. From corporate and individual perspectives it’s worth

Data Protection Day 2023: A Priority Not An Option

Data Protection Day serves as a stark reminder to companies to review their data security systems and look for ways to evolve, become more resilient, and, ultimately, build trusting relationships with their customers.

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