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You Can’t Stop Cyberattacks on your Organization!

Cyberattacks have become so prominent in the industry that organizations are now realising the need to have special task forces to stop such occurrences. But the truth is they are inevitable.


Cyber Protection Magazine: Cloud Expo Issue

Our first printed special edition of Cyber Protection Magazine is here. This time the issue is not only available in digital form, a printed version is also available on the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt. Consequently, we have a few topics we discuss in this issue.


Blazing a Trail to Zero Trust

Cybersecurity is a mystery to most people and organizations and the industry isn’t very helpful in clearing that up. Zero Trust (ZT) is a good first step but it, too, is a black hole of confusing information. But there are some individuals that are blazing a trail to ZT.


Lawsuit Pulls Back Curtain on Quantum Crypto Industry

Last updated on May 11th, 2022 at 08:51 amThe benefits of quantum computing are a bit hazy, but the danger of the technology is significant.


Break The Bias: International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day! Cyber Protection Magazine spoke with executives from various companies to learn how women in cybersecurity can #BreakTheBias


Cyber civil war erupts over Ukraine

In recent weeks leading up to and through the invasion of Ukraine, divisions have formed within the hacker community worldwide. So obvious, in fact, that we may be witnessing a civil war within that community


Popular Apps Endanger Ukrainians.

Text messaging has been around almost as long as the internet and predates mobile phones altogether. It’s not only a great way to surveil unwitting people but a great avenue for cybercriminals and oppressive nation-states to infect personal devices with malware.


How to get rich with ransomware

Ransomware is the most profitable form of cybercrime. Not only does it pay well, it is fairly easy to set up. With an investment of as little as $100 criminals can net a profit of more than 2000 percent.


Ukraine war is fast-tracking cyber laws

Thanks to Vlad “The Invader” Putin, the EU, UK and US are fast-tracking cyber laws. But some experts think the laws and regulations lack proper incentives beyond fines and prosecution.


Russian Cyber Warfare capabilities overblown

There is one thing we learned from the Ukraine war: the Russian army is not nearly as powerful as we believed it was. That goes for their cyberwarfare capabilities as well – find out why in our latest Crucial Tech podcast.


Video Bytes: Changing the Script on Cybersecurity Hiring Part 2

t two of our video series with Matt Donato, managing director of #cybersecurity hiring company CyberSN, looks at strategies for discovering and communicating the actual personnel need for a company.


How Visibility Improves Security

If you want to know which devices in your network are insecure, you need to know your devices, all of them. In our latest Interview, Zac Warren from Tanium argues that visibility is key in achieving good security.


How Cybersecurity Businesses are Tackling the Ukraine War

The ongoing invasion of the Ukraine has raised concerns about an increase in cyber attacks around the world. We spoke with Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO of Helmdal Security, to give us his opinion on cyber attacks related to the Ukrain war and how it impacts global cybersecurity.


Guess what!? Today is World Backup Day

Backups will improve your resilience against cyber attacks. For today’s World Backup Day we have a special episode of our Crucial Tech podcast to highlight the importance of backing up your data.

Identity Management Day 2022: Time to Be Identity Smart

Today is Identity Management Day. With 79% of all organisations having experienced an identity related security breach, this is an issue that must be taken seriously.

Back it up: The basics of World Backup Day

It’s World Backup Day! To coincide with the day, Cyber Protection Magazine spoke to eight industry experts about the importance of backing up data and how to ensure that your backup is effective and can protect your data.

Video Byte: Changing the Script on Cybersecurity Hiring

Finding sufficient human and technology resources to protect company data has reached a crisis point. We explore hiring strategies and tactics with Matt Donato, managing director of CyberSN, in this latest Video Byte

API Security: The New North, South, East and West of Cybersecurity

As security challenges shift to applications and focus on business process-oriented monitoring and protection around APIs, the terms North, South, East and West have new meaning, context and import.

Video Byte: Endpoint Protection

Our next video byte is up, discussing endpoint protection. That still sounds a lot like “Anti-Virus“ doesn’t it? But endpoint protection has come a long way from „only“ scanning for malicious software.