If you look at the cybersecurity industry, sophisticated attacks are often matched by an equally sophisticated solution. However, those attacks and their solutions can only be understood by experts and are sometimes almost hypothetical.
On the other hand, studies still show that there is one basic attack vector we all should take care of better: people, i.e. humans.
Social Engineering attacks are not only common, but on the rise. Which makes sense, since it is the easiest vector to attack. In our special we talk about what social engineering is, its most common forms and how to counter it by raising security awareness.

Promoting Cybersecurity for Accountants

Often, the weakest link in cybersecurity is considered to be people, as 85% of successful cyberattacks involve some form of human element. Employees in accounting are highly vulnerable to these breaches.

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Is your freelancer a nation-state hacker?

The Biden administration warned in May that the freelancer you hired to code may be a North Korean spy. These cyber spies are posing as remote, contract IT workers and infiltrating malware into all forms of networks


The Psychology Behind Cybersecurity

With seemingly no end to the growing problem of cyberattacks in sight, the cybersecurity industry is increasingly looking to address the root of the problem; humans.


WannaCry: Ransomware defence, five years on

In 2017 the largest ransomware attack in history – WannaCry – swept across the globe, infecting a quarter million machines in more than 150 countries. What lessons can be drawn from the attack, and how can businesses keep their systems secure?


Trending Topics: Phishing, Social Media and Malicious Email Attacks on the Rise

Newly published research gives new insights into the key cybersecurity challenges including the prevalence of social media attacks, phishing and malicious email attacks. It reveals how threat actors are shifting strategies as they look for ever more effective ways to mount attacks emphasising that organisations must remain vigilant.


Mitigate Cyber Risks During the Ukraine War

Many experts believe cyberattacks against countries imposing sanctions against Russia are imminent. Organizations should be on high alert for the cyberattacks recently used in this conflict.


How Cybersecurity Businesses are Tackling the Ukraine War

The ongoing invasion of the Ukraine has raised concerns about an increase in cyber attacks around the world. We spoke with Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO of Helmdal Security, to give us his opinion on cyber attacks related to the Ukrain war and how it impacts global cybersecurity.


War, crime boost cryptocurrency regulation

An illegal war and a growing criminal use are driving efforts to regulate the unregulated cryptocurrency market.

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Scam Bucket: Ice Phishing

The most interesting scam we’ve found is brand new. It’s called “ice phishing” and it involves taking advantage of the disconnect between language and code.


What Is Pentesting? A Complete Overview

Everyone in cybersecurity and quite a few people beyond have probably heard about pentesting. But what is penetration testing really? This article has all the answers.


Consumer Cybersecurity: Watch for Miners

Consumers are facing cybersecurity threats on virtually every possible endpoint. A new report details the top cybersecurity threats that consumers faced in 2021.


Cyber civil war erupts over Ukraine

In recent weeks leading up to and through the invasion of Ukraine, divisions have formed within the hacker community worldwide. So obvious, in fact, that we may be witnessing a civil war within that community


How to get rich with ransomware

Ransomware is the most profitable form of cybercrime. Not only does it pay well, it is fairly easy to set up. With an investment of as little as $100 criminals can net a profit of more than 2000 percent.


Why phishing is cybersecurity’s biggest threat this year

Compared to large organizations, smaller suppliers with fewer security-aware employees are more likely to unwittingly click on a malicious website. This could have repercussions across the supply chain, triggering ransomware attacks on larger organisations. As a result, phishing has become one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity this year.


Cheat Sheet: 3 Best Tips for Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day and we thought we’d try a bit of click-baiting. That explains the headline and, coincidentally, also what this article is all about.


When data collection protects your identity

Personal data isn’t just about your name, it’s also about your online habits. Collecting that data sometimes seems creepy, but it can protect you from fraud, too.


The future of ransomware

How will ransomware evolve further and what can organizations do to prevent or at the very least mitigate ransomware attacks? An event where Cyber Protection Magazine participated had some suggestions.


5 Tips for Industrial IoT Security to Defend Against Cyberattacks

Ransomware is giving way to the even higher stakes of killware for critical infrastructure. Hits on industrial IoT in critical infrastructures are becoming less about money and more about control and causing as much damage as possible.


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